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All color includes a shine gloss, spa shampoo and conditioning experience, luxury style and product and styling guidance. 

Color Session

  Color Retouch (1.5 hrs) 


+ Face Frame Foil or Balayage (2.5 hrs)


+ Refresh Foil or Balayage (2.75 hrs)


+ Maintenance Foil or Balayage



 Full Dimensional Color (3.5 hrs) 



Corrective Color (4-6 hrs/sesh) 


A corrective color will be at the discretion of the color specialist during the required consultation. A corrective color takes a lot of time and possibly more than one session. Haircut is included.

If additional color is needed for any color service, there will be an extra charge of $20/oz

In person consultation Is required prior to any corrective appointment being scheduled. A $200 nonrefundable deposit needed to hold the Corrective appointment when scheduled.

All lightening services include a bond builder, toner or base break, spa shampoo experience, luxury style, product and styling guidance.

Recommended at 6 weeks for a regular full lightening blonde. Or if you've been neglecting the lower half of your hair and you have that, "I wanna be bloooo-ONDE!" feeling, do it anytime!


Surface Refresh Lightening
Recommended at 4 to 6 weeks to refresh and brighten around the face and part (think "just on top").
Foil (2 hrs) 
Balayage (2.25 hrs) 

3/4 Maintenance Lightening

Recommended at 6 to 8 weeks to maintain a current look (think "the ear up")
Foil (2.75 hrs) 

Balayage (3 hrs)

Full Lightening


Foil (4.5 hrs) 
(5 hrs)

Face Frame Lightening

For a pop of light (or color) framed around your face.
Foil or Balayage (1.5 hrs)

Bleach Retouch & Tone
Are you a solid blonde needing a refresh? This is the service for you.


(But Fancier)

Haircut (1 hr) 


Spa shampoo experience & luxury style.

Add On Haircut (.5 hr) 


Add to any hour+ long service

Base break, Gloss or Tone (1 hr) 

($37 no blow dry)

Spa shampoo experience and luxury style,

Custom Tone (1.5 hrs)

$109 ($73 no blow dry)

Spa shampoo experience and luxury style,

Shampoo Blow Dry & Style


Nothin' all extra, just spa shampoo and style.

Spa Shampoo Experience & Style (1 hr) 


Spa shampoo and conditioning experience and luxury style.

Hair Repair Treatment (.5 hr)


Wet set, no blow dry

Hair Repair Spa Treatment (1 hr)


Spa shampoo and treatment experience, relaxing scalp massage, hot steam towel, and a luxury style.

Facial Waxing

 Single $18

 Combo $24

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