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Hi Friends!

First, HI! My name is Chanda, THE FNG owner and stylist. I have 2 adult children, Myla and Jarrett. I have 2 smart funny and...ummm...rambunctious grandsons. They call me ChaCha. Yes, ChaCha was my plan all along though I was totally prepared and willing to answer whatever they came up with, but it stuck. Wutta ya do? I guess I won. HAHA! I also have an amazing and incredibly supportive boyfriend since 2016, Lucas. Luke is home to me. I am A LOT and he is still here doing everything he can to keep me grounded and focused. NOT an easy task. With him came 2 super intelligent girls, Jocelyn and Beckett. I am impressed by their ability to express their individuality and not apologize for it.

Now listen, I'm gonna talk about myself now. I am 47 and not happy about it, but here I am. I like fruity umbrella drinks and long walks on the beach. (NOTE: if I lived in a warm coastal region...this would absolutely be me. Minus the fruity drinks, but slide that cute lil umbrella on a toothpick right into my beer.) Since I live in an unpredictable arctic tundra 9 months out of the year, JAMMIES! Give me my jams, a cozy manky (Blanket), and the sofa. I may binge a series or watch a movie I may or may not have seen before and chill, or listen to a few episodes of MANY True Crime or comedy (or the combination of the 2) podcasts while I work out in our home dungeon...I mean "gym" or start a new project that I will probably never finish because I am super ADHD/OCD, because dude, if I don't write it down or do it RIGHT NOW, I will absolutely forget. AND on occassion, even if I do these things...SQUIRREL! I LOVE music of almost all genres (hard, glam, alt, southern rock, mostly). 90's music? ALL IN! Not a huge county fan, but I don't hate it. 90's country is preferable! I'm pretty hilarious. To myself for sure, but also to others. AND...I am so not easily offended by foul language. We are all human and sometimes humans say naughty words. Totes cool with it! You do you. I have been known to swear a little, sometimes a lot. I can read a room, so I know when to dial it back. FNG is a safe space and I want everyone feel welcome, safe, confident, and chill. Any guest of mine can wear pajamas, dress to the 9s, clothes straight out of a laundry basket that hasn't been folded. I do not care! I'm a jeans, t-shirt and sneaks kind of girl. Sometimes my makeup is perfection, sometimes just mascara. I am a supporter of normalizing Mental Health. I struggle with it, I'm medicated and have been for 20+ years. I have trauma in my past past and recent past. I'm an open book and I'm also the best listener. I can give great life advice, but don't always apply it to myself. Pretty common amongst us, I think. You need a good vent? I'm here for it. Need some cheering up? I'm in. I've got mom jokes for days. I know I'm not for everyone and that's fine. Everyone isn't for me either, ya know?! Anyway, I could go on and on.

Lets talk some business. I am a creative. I love to craft to perfection. I love giving all the feels to everyone that sits in my chair. The transformations that bring the biggest looks of pure joy to your gorgeous faces is what fuels me. Growing up I did everyone's hair. Friends and family. Though at that time I thought for sure that I would be an interior designer. Fast forward about 3 years post High School Graduation and out of nowhere, A dear friend saved me. Not from interior design, but myself. I wouldn't be where I am without my Nenny. (Yes, she deserves the plug). I have spent countless hours learning throughout my career. I am a visual, hands on learner and I love that that has made me the stylist that I am today. From new and upcoming techniques, latest trends, and verbiage. Providing more for you, my guest. I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge. Teaching you about proper home care from products to styling. Not JUST hair, an EXPERIENCE!

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