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Hair & Scalp Therapy

Hair Spa


Receive a luxury shampoo & conditioner to cleanse and moisturize the scalp & hair with a relaxing 5 minute massage and a warm towel to wrap it up. Then a blow dry style to start your day or night. That's it!

45 minutes - $55+

Hair Spa

Repair Experience

This service is specific to the health of the hair. focusing on damage that may be the result of chemicals such as color/blonding, heat exposure from the elements or hot tools, etc. and don't worry, this service includes all the fancy stuff, just like the "Hair Spa Scalp Experience". 

60 Minutes - $65

Hair Spa Scalp Experience

This service is meant specifically to cleanse, exfoliate and condition the scalp. Using steam creates moisture that is perfect for dry and itchy scalp, as well as massage for loosening any softened dry patches. Wrapped up with a warm towel and prepped for style.

60 minutes - $65

Hair Spa


come in your cozies. enjoy some  and get cozy. Choose between 3 Hair Spa Experiences that include dim lighting, spa music,  and lovely aromatics.

This experience relieves tension, stimulates the scalp, Moisturizes the hair and provides overall relaxation.

calm (Lavender/Rose)

awaken (Tea Tree/Citrus)

indulge (Rosemary/Vanilla)

75 Minutes - $80


Text: (515) 994-8852


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