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Black & Gold hairdresser tools

Add Ons & Extras

Additional Length & Density

This is an Add On and an Upcharge for any primary chemical service (excludes Brazilian Blowout as there is already a separate variation) you choose. More glorious hair takes more product and it takes more time as smaller and/or more sections are taken to ensure even and sufficient coverage in order for you to get the service you are expecting and deserve.



45 Minutes 

Brazilian Blowout




refresh and rebalance an existing cut or change it up a bit with some soft or textured layers. Add a fun curtain bang or a sleek blunt bang. The possibilities are endless. includes steam spa shampoo, massage & warm towel. as well as a blow dry style. 

60 Minutes - $75

  After 5pm & Saturdays- $90

Dry Cut (30 minutes) - $40

Corrective Color


Any major color shift. box color to Beautiful. Dark to light. In some cases, light to dark requiring reconsruction treatments to achieve even glorious color.


$110+ per Hour (min 5 Hours)

All Inclusive Service & Includes small lunch

Add Ons

add on Gloss 15 mins - $25


Add On Base Break 15 Mins - $25


Add On Treatment 15 Mins - $25


Add On Haircut 30 Mins - $40


Add On Wax - Brows, Lip, and/or Chin 15+ mins -  $12+

By Itself

Gloss 45+ Minutes - $40+


Mini Touch Up 45 Minutes - $55


Wax - Brows, Lip, and/or Chin 15 Minutes - $15+


Here's How You Can Reach Me...

Text: (515) 994-8852


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